Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Wired News: Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting:
"While critics in the United States grow more concerned each day about the insecurity of electronic voting machines, Australians designed a system two years ago that addressed and eased most of those concerns: They chose to make the software running their system completely open to public scrutiny.

Although a private Australian company designed the system, it was based on specifications set by independent election officials, who posted the code on the Internet for all to see and evaluate. What's more, it was accomplished from concept to product in six months. It went through a trial run in a state election in 2001.

The eVACS, or Electronic Voting and Counting System, was used in a trial in a 2001 state election in Australia.EVACS software runs on Linux and was vetted by the public before being implemented. The voting machine is a Pentium PC with a keypad and a bar-code reader.

Critics say the development process is a model for how electronic voting machines should be made in the United States.

Called eVACS, or Electronic Voting and Counting System, the system was created by a company called Software Improvements to run on Linux, an open-source operating system available on the Internet.

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