Saturday, April 02, 2005
Ultracolour Software "The concept of UltraColour is the pairing of the physics of colour with the psychology of colour to produce a consistently reproducible psychological response in the vast majority of people.

The UltraColour software integrates two new factors: first the most recent work in colour physics by the Colour & Imaging Institute at the University of Derby, notably in the mathematical correlation between colours, which demonstrates that objective colour harmony is a reality; second a theory of colour psychology that identifies links between patterns of colour and patterns of human behaviour, developed by colour psychologist Angela Wright and tested empirically since 1985.

With UltraColour, it becomes possible for anyone to put colours together with confidence, without necessarily having any training or experience in colour theory or the physics of light. The software will enable them to achieve objective and consistent colour harmony and the desired psychological impact, whatever their design objectives.

The program, developed jointly by the Colour & Imaging Institute at the University of Derby and Angela Wright, uniquely blends colour physics and psychology, constituting a breakthrough in colour science on several fronts; it benefits anyone using colour for any purpose.

This working computer system comprises:

1. A means of producing colour palettes that will consistently communicate an intended message and evoke a desired behavioural response.

A means of reliably producing harmonious colour palettes.

A means of producing secondary palettes to reinforce a message already established in a primary palette, or to promote a particular behaviour within the desired response.

A means of displaying colours truthfully on different monitors or media.

It should be noted that the UltraColour system is not a colour defining system, or a colour matching system; rather it works with all colour systems to enable anyone to put together powerfully effective palettes from within the colour system they are already using. It works with any colour system, is independent of ambience and works across all media. Colour choices need no longer be guesswork."

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