Saturday, April 16, 2005
Combine Solicitation
76 -- Comic Book: General Information

Document Type: Combine Solicitation
Solicitation Number: H92239-05-T-0026
Posted Date: Mar 28, 2005
Original Response Date: Apr 08, 2005
Current Response Date: Apr 12, 2005
Original Archive Date: Apr 23, 2005
Current Archive Date: Apr 23, 2005
Classification Code: 76 -- Books, maps & other publications
Set Aside: Total Small Business
Naics Code: 511120 -- Periodical Publishers
Contracting Office Address

Other Defense Agencies, U.S. Special Operations Command, USASOC, ATTN:E-2929, Fort Bragg, NC, 28310

1.1. BACKGROUND.     In order to achieve long-term peace and stability in the Middle East, the youth need to be reached.     One effective means of influencing youth is through the use of comic books.     A series of comic books provides the opportunity for youth to learn lessons, develop role models and improve their education.    

2.     Qualifications, Experience and Requirements.    

2.1.     Contractor must demonstrate qualifications and experience in design and production of four-color comic books.    

2.2.     Knowledge of Arab language and cultures, law enforcement and small unit military operations is desired.    

2.3.     The comic books will be produced in Arabic so the boxes will have to follow a sequence of right to left and top to bottom.     Although knowledge of Arabic is not required, the contractor must have the capability to incorporate Arabic text into the final product and also provide a copy with blank bubbles and void of all printed text ?sound effects.?

2.4.     The series will be based on the security forces, military and police, in the near future in the Middle East in cooperation with the Ministries of Interior of some of those countries.     The comic series will be subject to change based on initial focus group testing of a prototype comic.     If the subject matter for a specific comic does not do well in its intended focus group then it may be dropped and/or a new basis for the comic will be selected.     There may be opportunities for this series to continue and additional comic series to be developed next year based on feedback from the first series.          

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