Saturday, April 02, 2005
Singleton uses freedom of information laws to find a man in uniform
DeHavilland: 19/03/2005

A Hampshire woman has used new freedom of information laws to try and find herself an unattached man in uniform, the Guardian reports.

Angela Wright e-mailed her local police headquarters in Winchester, asking for details of 'eligible bachelors within the Hampshire constabulary between the ages of 35 and 49 and details of their email addresses, salary details and pension values'.

Ms Wright even made her request for information under the pseudonym 'ilikemeninuniform', in accordance with laws that permit people to preserve their anonymity when making freedom of information requests.

The singleton says she made the request because she wanted to 'amuse' the police (freedom of information) team and was curious to see what response she would get.

Sadly, Ms Wright's bizarre hunt for a man in uniform ended in failure.

Police were happy to confirm that there are 266 eligible bachelors within the Hampshire constabulary, of whom 201 are in uniform.

But officials said they could not reveal their names and addresses, as such information is personal and exempt under the Freedom of Information Act.

'I was amazed that I was told that the information could not be practically released,' said Ms Wright.

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