Monday, June 21, 2004
Man Happier About Switch to Mac than Conversion to Christianity
The Holy Observer:
CINCINNATI, OH – Cincinnati resident Steve Philips is noticeably more excited about his recent switch from Windows-based PCs to Apple computers than his recent conversion from atheism to Christianity. Philips, an account manager for Choice Communications, was baptized shortly after his conversion and is in contact with Apple computers as a potential candidate for the company's popular "Switcher" ad campaign.

The two life changes came about the same time but had different influences, according to Philips. "Well, I became a Christian in late June after talking to my friend Ted, who's a really smart guy. The switch to Mac was more a result of some pretty intense personal study, looking at web sites that compare Windows and the Mac OS, price comparisons, and stuff like that. I bought an eMac after the [4th of July] holiday to replace my home computer, and I just got a sweet new PowerBook laptop for work last week."

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