Sunday, June 27, 2004
Free College Tuition
Offbeat Dollars for Scholars:
1) be Catholic
2) change your last name to Zolp
3) have kid
4) kid is now eligible for scholarship at Loyola

From the article:

"So far, officials said, the Scarpinato scholarship has never gone wanting. That's not the case, though, at Loyola University of Chicago.

There, a lack of applicants for one highly specialized endowment has prompted admissions officers to page through out-of-town phone books whenever they travel, said Edward Moore, the university's scholarship director.

'They're trying to find Zolps,' he said.

Or more specifically, eligible students who can prove two things: that they are Catholic and, since birth, have been named Zolp. Anyone who can and is otherwise eligible for admission can get a scholarship that covers tuition at the private Jesuit college, worth nearly $22,000 next school year.

'We'd really like to spend that money,' Moore said.

Seven or eight years ago, in a more Zolp-abundant era, there were actually two enrolled at once. But the slots have stood empty in recent years.

'Three years ago, we had a Zolp prospect,' Moore recalled. 'But you know what? He got a golf scholarship and went somewhere else. Incredible.'"

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