Monday, January 03, 2005
City's mesh network nets criminals
[IP]: "The police department is also using the Wi-Fi connection to transmit police reports and ticket information so that when a traffic ticket is issued, the data is sent directly into the city's computer system, bypassing a manual process that is prone to errors.

But Drake said the most effective element of the program has been the IP surveillance cameras. They pan over 350 degrees and zoom in and out.
They are shielded behind bullet proof casings and are remotely controlled from headquarters.

The cameras can shoot between five and 10 frames per second, and are set up to provide a clear enough picture of a criminal's face that a perpetrator can be positively identified in court. The images are captured to a hard drive and archived for 72 hours.

Rather than use the more popular MPEG digital video format, the city instead uses the Motion JPEG format. Drake said courts have thrown out MPEG images because they combine frames for a composite image. Motion JPEG, however, does not merge frames and, as a result, has held up more successfully in court. "

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