Wednesday, December 22, 2004
In Germany, stately pleasure dome decreed "Evening visitors would see a show enacting the history of Brazil, with semi-naked Indians, shaven-headed Catholic priests and Portuguese soldiers, who on closer inspection during a preview appeared to be women wearing false moustaches. The island would also be open 24 hours and would have a late-night techno nightclub.

Mr Au admitted that one of the greatest challenges to the project had been dealing with German bureaucracy.

'There is a bamboo tower in the middle of the island. We were asked for its measurements. We have been building bamboo towers for thousands of years but have never previously measured them,' he said.

As well as teak deckchairs, the island would also offer yoga and samba lessons aimed at Berlin's affluent elderly.

....The theme park, called Tropical Islands, is being built inside a 107-metre-high, 368-metre-long hall, which was originally used to house zeppelins and is next to the site of a former Russian military airport."

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