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Pilot Unfairly Criticized

A Sacramento pilot posted a series of six video clips recorded with a cell phone camera at San Francisco International Airport which show a major gap in security. The TSA came down on him, and in the comments on all the news coverage many are critical for his not first bringing it to the attention of TSA superiors. The first of the news stories . Well, over 5 years ago Patrick Smith wrote in Salon about this. And 3 years ago in an interview with the freaking HEAD of the TSA, Bruce Schneier brought up this issue. " What about airport workers? Nearly one million workers move in and out of airports every day without ever being screened. The JFK plot, as laughably unrealistic as it was, highlighted the security risks of airport workers. As with any security problem, we need to secure the weak links, rather than make already strong links stronger. What about airport employees, delivery vehicles, and so on"