Saturday, July 03, 2004
dailyrecord: "STAR Trek actor James Doohan, who played engineer Scotty, has Alzheimer's disease.
The 84-year-old Canadian actor's family have revealed the progress of his dementia means he will have to retire from public life.
Despite a history of ill health, including Parkinson's disease and diabetes, he was still a regular fixture on the Star Trek convention circuit until recently.
And four years ago, he became a father for the seventh time with the birth of his daughter Sarah.
Doohan's wife Wende, 47, said yesterday: 'It is hard for him to do interviews because the more he starts searching for the words, the more frustrated he gets.
'With Jimmy, it's mostly the loss of words. He still recognises everybody. And there are times when he is sharp as a tack.
'But with any type of memory loss like this, it's the older memories that stick. The more recent ones are harder.'
A tribute to the actor a veteran of D-Day with the Royal Canadian Artillery will be held in LA next month.
After the show, called Beam Me Up, Scotty...One Last Time, he will receive his star on the Hollywood walk of fame."

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